Our Mission

At Ability Sober House our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for those in Recovery from addictions. This in turn, promotes our resident guests to become empowered. Through the encouragement and guidance that we instill in them, they come to believe in themselves and their ability to continue the growth process. A process which is integral to maintaining continued recovery.

Our Vision

To create the momentum of growth that enthralls the person seeking recovery with anticipation about the future. Where change is embraced as a step closer to that very compelling picture of what’s coming next. The excitement about the future trumps any apprehension about the uncertain —change is recognized as the catalyst that it is.  

Our Homes

Beautifully decorated homes in safe residential neighborhoods. The following amenities are available at all of locations:
  • Cable TV
  • Washer and dryer on-site
  • On-site recovery meetings
  • High speed internet access
  • Gas barbeques
  • Pool
  • Privacy Fence
  • Outside smoking areas
  • Transportation-Grocery Store, meetings, work. (as available)
  • Close proximity to public transportation
  • Extensive employment opportunity
  • Parking
  • Air Conditioning
  • Linens and kitchenware
Exclusive to Halfway Houses Only
  • On-site / live-in manager
  • Daily 12-step meetings within walking distance
With a Structured, Safe, Secure, Home Like environment the skies the limit. Your ability to achieve a lifetime of recovery, while building your foundation at our halfway house, is within reach. Both Halfway Houses and ¾ Houses are available. Premiere Locations Located in Sunny South Florida, provides convenient access to the top Universities, scenic beaches, and great city centers. Many Career Opportunities South Florida has a booming tourist economy with endless jobs available all year round that are in demand. Job Referrals available. Meetings Everywhere, Every Day South Florida is the Recovery Capital of the Nation. There are 12 Step meetings almost on the hour 7 days a week. Constant Recovery Activities: Picnics, Music Events, Conventions. Unique Features
  •     Onsite professionals
  •     Access to Treatment
  •     Transportation to 12 Step Meetings
  •     Individual case management
  •     Structured supervision and support in a home-like setting (7 days a week)
  •     Random drug & alcohol screening
  •     12-Step support for addictions issues
  •     Life-skills training to enhance daily functioning
  •     Activities, boating, camping, pig roast, pool parties and fishing
  •     Employment and job search assistance
  •     Superior ongoing recovery support
  •     Exit strategy/reintegration assistance
Join our transitional living community because you are committed to working on your recovery and helping others do the same.   What is a Halfway House? A halfway house is a structured drug and alcohol free living environment that accommodates individuals battling alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness and similar disorders. Support staff onsite. A halfway house imposes strict guidelines for its residents in order to lessen the chances of relapse. Residents are required to be actively participating in their recovery, by attending 12 Step Support groups, obtaining a sponsor and setting obtainable goals. Halfway Houses require adherence to curfews and house rules. Noncompliance to the house rules subjects a resident to removal from the halfway house. What is a ¾ House? A 3/4 is an inexpensive drug and alcohol- free environment where the recovering addict can obtain support from their peers. In general, a three quarter house is for residents that have 4-6 months of sobriety or clean time. It provides a positive environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics to receive the emotional support they need from residents going through the same experiences. Experts agree that transitional living homes are very important tools to use in one’s lifelong recovery journey. Requirements Ability Sober House Halfway Houses and ¾ Houses are for males 18 years of age or older who are recovering from substance abuse. It is suggested that they have completed some type of treatment.   Alcohol/Drug Screening We are committed to providing a supportive, drug- and alcohol-free community to our residents in recovery. We enforce this policy by administering random drug screens and by screening after all weekend passes. We currently do not admit people taking Suboxone, Subutex, or Methadone.
    Meeting Guidelines
  • Residents must attend a minimum of 4 meetings per week. No Exceptions.
  • Join a Home Group within 2 weeks.
  • Have/obtain a sponsor that is willing to attend a monthly sponsor/sponse meeting.
  • Transportation is provided twice a week to Meetings and attendance in Mandatory.
  • Residents must attend at least one men’s meeting per week.
  • Residents are required to attend the weekly house meeting.